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VesSAP: Vessel Segmentation & Analysis Pipeline

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Supplementary material

Video material

Supporting Video 1
Visualization of a representative CD1-E mouse brain by VesSAP showing the data quality.

Supporting Video 2 (VR optimized viewing)
The whole mouse brain shown in Video 1 has been rendered for virtual reality (VR) viewing using Arivis InViewR. The immersed VR view shows the quality of VesSAP segmentation. We propose
that scientific VR videos coming from large cleared samples could be a helpful tool for scientists to explore the data in a 3D interactive way. VR videos might
also be used for educational purposes as they can be viewed on smart phones and other available VR devices.
For best viewing experience we recommend using a Google Cardboard (VR goggles) in combination
with the YouTube app of your smartphone: https://youtu.be/J45n91DlUTg

Supporting Video 3
Segmentation and features demonstration on a subset of the whole dataset. VesSAP enables reliable segmentation (red) and
feature extraction (bifurcation points and centerlines, green and cyan) down to the capillary-level from the imaging data (grey).

Supporting Video 4
Whole brain data registered to the Allen adult brain atlas. The video shows the alignment accuracy and segmentation overlaid.

Supporting Video 5
Substack of the whole brain data registered to the Allen adult brain atlas. This video reveals the full resolution segmentation on a small set of the brain scans data.

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